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Infoperspectives, edited by Hesh Wiener, was a monthly newsletter for large enterprises, organizations whose central systems are usually IBM and IBM compatible mainframes.

We have suspended publication of this report as we investigate alternatives to subscriber support.  There are two reasons for our decision:  The cost of useful, valid research has become far too costly for all but the very largest companies.  Also, the used mainframe market, which we covered in detail, is no longer a lively, orderly business; there are only a handful of companies trading in used mainframe equipment and this does not allow us to provide a useful portrait of the scene.

We are investigating alternatives, including a substantial change in the scope of our coverage large systems and contemplating a switch to vendor sponsorship.

We will continue to provide research and editorial material to other publishers, to companies with an interest in the large systems business, and to end user organizations that want an additional perspective.

Below, you will find links to a selection of issues from the Infoperspectives library.

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